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See the full scope of your next project with our cutting edge site technology.










CAD and 





ROV Video






Manhole Inspection Camera

Surprises can be costly. That’s why Lams Construction focuses on providing consistent, unmatched state-of-the-art utility location and excavation services to contractors, designers, engineers and project owners from concept to construction. 

The law requires you to call 811 and have public utilities marked before you dig, but this does not give you complete protection. Public utility companies will only locate the facilities they own (think: utilities that run meter to main, like electric, gas, oil, sewer, telephone, and water).

Our technicians scan your job site using at least three technologies, maximizing results and minimizing risk.

Lams Construction will supplement our work by giving you a more complete and accurate picture of utility locating services. The information gained is crucial to reducing the risk of costly accidents or project delays. We use electromagnetic utility locating tools in conjunction with ground penetrating radar to provide you with a clear and complete picture of what’s underneath your project site. It is our standard practice to use three different tools on every project. Ultimately, improving the accuracy and reliability of the data we collect. We can customize the deliverable to fit your project needs, from detailed electronic sketchers to full utility mapping with survey grade GPS coordinates.

Ground Penetrating Radar


Also called GPR, is a non-destructive geophusical method capable of detecting most underground utilities. Including concrete, fiberglass and plastic that may not be detectable with conventional utility locating methods. 

Water (hydro) Vacuum Excavation


For accurate, cost effective, fast and non-destructive locating (SOFT DIGS). 

  • Water for utility test holes and small excavations

  • Hydro for maximum productivity of large excavations

  • Useful in congested areas; even indoors

Video Pipe Inspection


Have a collapsed sewer lateral, duct, or an unknown blockage in a pipe? STS provides a No-Dig Option. That reduces project delays and cost by pinpointing the exact issue in your line. This includes bends, collapses, root intrusions, lateral taps, cross bores, and other issues.


  • Various size Push cameras with pan-tilt heads for pipes sizes starting at 1 ¼” and up

  • Our Robotic crawlers can be utilized for pipe sizes 4”to 72”

  • Various size Robotic crawlers with lateral launch systems

  • Quickview manhole inspection camera

CAD and Utility Mapping


Our survey grade GPS technology gives us the ability to  build, construct CAD drawings of the existing underground and overhead utilities on your job site. From the beginning or layered on  top of existing CAD drawings.

Underwater ROV Video Inspections 


Water systems remain on-line - No shut downs of service required. No confined space issues or entry. Visuals of key components such as walls, floor, ceiling and appenditures. 

Designated potable water equipment for reservoirs. Any Underwater Tank Inspections

  • DTG3 - ROV Submarine camera

  • Any and all water storage tanks

  • Water Depth Rating of 656FT

Drone Services

FAA Compliance: Lams Construction is in compliance with all Federal Aviation Association regulations and procedures pertaining to small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) outlined in 14 CFR Part 107.

  • Drones for residential and commercial real estate

  • Monitor multiple job sites

  • Thermal live imagery help to pinpoint problem areas

CCTV Pipe Camera Inspections

Our professional technicians are PACP, LACP and MACP Certified by the National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO). Our robotic cameras are built to be able to traverse bends in pipes, sewer lines, discover blockages, and pinpoint the exact areas of collapse.


Our highly trained staff will be there to help deliver the highest quality work possible. In the underground private world we have the technology to give you what you are looking for the make your jobsite as safe as it possible can be. 


“Safety Starts With Lams Construction”


State-of-the-art camera technology inspects multiple different utilities from 1 inch up to 60 inches. Our unique robotic camera units can inspect your main lines up to 1,000 feet in distance.





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